Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers

What services or goods are available?

It's whatever people in the area wish to offer, some examples could be dog walking, pet sitting, sewing/ knitting, maintenance, gardening, writing, home made bread, home grown vegetables, help with IT, lifts. Register and take a look.

I'm not sure

Why not try it out, you can leave the exchange if it doesn't suit you or your circumstances for now and there is no obligation to trade with anybody.

How can I create an account?

Click on this link to sign up, you will then be redirected to the Community Exchange System (CES) website to create an account.

I don't know what to offer?

Chat to friends/family or existing members who may help suggest things to offer. You do not have to offer professional skills, you can offer whatever you like doing (e.g. cooking lessons, art and craft, ...)

I'd like to offer a service but I'd still like to get paid in sterling money.

You can get paid up to 50% sterling currency as well as the 'waves' community currency

I've have received a request but I don't want to accept.

You don't have to accept a request for whatever reason. There is no requirement to accept requests.

What if someone doesn’t pay me for work I have done for them?

That is impossible. You – the seller – are responsible for entering or getting entered the transaction information and you will be immediately credited for it.

What if someone takes more from the system than they give back?

Before agreeing to trade with someone you can check their balance. If you see they have made a lot of purchases and are running a large debit, then refuse to trade until their standing has improved.

How can I begin trading without any money in my account?

The Community Exchange does not require that you have anything in your account to begin trading. You can begin by going into debit (not debt). This means your account has a negative balance but unlike with conventional money you do not have to pay interest on it and there is no stigma attached to it (unless it gets large and is never reduced). Your debit simply means that you owe the community goods and services to the value of the debit.