North Coast Community Exchange

exchanging and trading in the community without money

Ballycastle Meet Up and Book Fayre 2nd of December

Bring along your preloved books and any other small items to trade.

Date: Saturday 2nd of December, 11am

Venue: Community Hub cafe, 56 Castle Street, Ballycastle

Parking available at the back of the cafe.

Coleraine Meet Up and Xmas stockin...

North Coast Community Exchange Newsletter (November 2023)


The exchange is working

October has been a very busy month for the North Coast Community Exchange with more than 1,200 waves worth of trades! People have been exchanging gardening jobs, eggs, jams, computer repairs, advice, reflexolog...

Community Exchange tips and tricks

  1. We all have something to share: you do not have to offer professional services, share the things you like spending time doing (e.g. nature/garden, pets care, exercising, cooking, walks, chats)
  2. Don't be shy: learn to ask for help, if others do not know what...

Our upcoming meetups are Wed. 14th June (zoom) and Sat 15th July in-person in Ballycastle.

During our Zoom online information meetings, you can choose to join a discussion group for new people where you can ask any question or mix with experienced users and discuss everything about the Community Exchange.

During in-person meetings, feel free to bring anything you would like to trade for...

There are several advantages that enhance the quality of life for the members of Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS). Sharing, trading and exchanging in LETS helps to create happy resilient local communities.

In this short TED talk, Ingrid Thys talks about how local exchange trading systems wo...